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The Andersonville Neighborhood
Andersonville is a unique and thriving Chicago neighborhood located along a 10 block stretch of Clark Street near Foster Avenue (5200 North and 1500 West).
  • Based on the 2005 estimated census data, within a one mile radius of Andersonville, there are 85,637 people (51% male, 49% female) who live in 36,648 households, of which 64% are valued at $200,000 or more.
  • The annual average household income is $50,000 and 21% of the households have incomes at or above $75,000.
  • The age breakdown in the area is as follows: 11% are 0-9 years old; 10% are 10-19; 17% are 20-29; 28% are 30-44; 18% are 45-59 and 16% are 60 years old or older.
  • The estimated daily traffic count on Clark St. in Andersonville is 27,000.
  • In addition to an active Chamber of Commerce, Andersonville is supported by three aldermen, The Honorable Pat O'Connor, The Honorable Alderman Mary Ann Smith and The Honorable Hellen Shiller, each of whom take an active role in the neighborhood.
  • Neighborhood groups have formed to lend their support to the ongoing growth and vitality of this neighborhood which include the West Andersonville Neighbors Together (WANT), East Andersonville Residents Council (EARC), and the Andersonville South Neighbors Association (ASNA).

Andersonville favors independent retailers over national chains and as a result it offers of the most unique retail setting in the City. Andersonville touts terrific restaurants, fitness centers, gourmet foods, spas, furniture stores, antiques, gifts and decorative accessories, apparel art supplies toys, children's clothes, cafes and clubs.

The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce has a very active role in Andersonville. The Chamber hosts over 25 well publicized events and activities throughout the year which draw consumers to the neighborhood. Some of the better known events include:

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