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How do I reserve space in the Andersonville galleria?
First you must apply for space in the Andersonville galleria by submitting the 1-page application form below to RayMark Venture. Upon acceptance, a signed lease form with a one month security deposit secures the space.

What is the Andersonville galleria?
The Andersonville galleria is a retail market building that will feature approximately 90 small retail spaces within a single building in the thriving Andersonville retail corridor directly on Clark Street.

Why did RayMark Develop the Andersonville galleria?
RayMark realized that many start-up designers, artists and artisans wanted a retail outlet for their work. However, long term leases in large expensive retail spaces, and the required full-time staffing precluded many prospective retailers with unique marketable merchandise from accessing any marketplace. RayMark developed the galleria to provide a high-traffic retail environment from which designers, artists and artisans can successfully sell their merchandise in a professional setting without the high costs, long-term lease commitments and staffing requirement of a traditional retail setting.

What does the Andersonville galleria
Floor Plan Look Like?

Where is the Andersonville galleria Located?
The Andersonville galleria is located at 5247 N. Clark Street, in Chicago, which is right in the heart of Andersonville. It is surrounded by successful retailers such as Urbanest, Hamburger Mary's, Tomboy Restaurant, The Brown Elephant, Pasticceria Natalina, City Olive, Bon Bon, 2X10 Nails, Marrakech Treasures, In Fine Spirits, StarGaze, Sir Spa, The White Attic, Cassona, Los Manos Gallery, Brownstone Antiques, The Wooden Spoon, His Stuff, Studio 90, Chicago Dance Supply, Red Balloon and many others.

Why is the galleria located in Andersonville?
Like no other neighborhood, Andersonville supports small independent retailers. Its mission is to maintain a unique shopping experience that can't be duplicated anywhere. Andersonville prides itself on its unique support of locally owned independent businesses and small independent retailers who are respected, well-supported and successful.

Who should consider locating in the Andersonville galleria?
The Andersonville galleria is being developed as an opportunity for local retailers to get exposure to a strong customer base on a terrific retail street without the high costs and long term commitments typically associated with opening a retail store. The Andersonville galleria is perfect for artists, designers, artisans and retailers who have items to sell, but who cannot afford the time to staff their own retail space, nor are able to commit to expensive construction projects, large unaffordable spaces, high monthly rents and long term leases for retail space in thriving neighborhoods.

The Andersonville galleria will feature apparel, jewelry, artwork, home furnishings, giftware and decorative accessories, antiques and personal care products.

What do I get if I rent space in The Andersonville galleria?
Space - Spaces are approximately 32 square feet, or 4' deep by 8' wide. All spaces are open to an aisle for easy customer access. In addition to the open spaces, there is wall space available for artists or others who only need wall space from which to hang their items. Each space will include track lighting, walls, a hardwood floor, a duplex outlet and a space for identity signage. Spaces can be customized at the retailer's expense.

A Full-time Store Manager, Cashier, and Sales Associates - The Andersonville galleria will be staffed by a well-qualified full time store manager who will be familiar with each vendor's goods and who will handle all transactions. All sold items will be tracked to each vendor and vendors will be reimbursed for 100% of each sale made. While vendors need not be available to staff their own spaces, all are welcome to do so.

Consumer Advertising - The Andersonville galleria will be advertised to consumers throughout the year in a variety of media including some or all of the following: The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Reader, Chicago Magazine, The Pioneer Press - North Shore newspapers, radio, Pink Magazine, Windy City Times, Time Out , MetroMix, Daily Candy, Chicago Social and other media aimed at attracting consumers who are looking for a unique shopping experience. Editorial coverage will be pursued as well.

Fully Maintained Space - Common areas in the Andersonville galleria are cleaned by the Andersonville galleria's janitorial service.

Utilities Included - The Andersonville galleria pays all utilities.

Loading Dock - The galleria has a loading dock that is available, without cost, to move merchandise in or out of the store.

What are the merchandising standards for
tenants in The Andersonville galleria?

The Andersonville galleria sets a high standard for its merchandising environment. Products and artwork are displayed in a tasteful, inviting manner, creating an attractive upscale setting that highlights the unique merchandise and artwork that are displayed.

What will it cost to rent a space in The Andersonville galleria?
Rent starts at $100 per month for a wall space on the first or second floors. Retail spaces measuring approximately 32 square feet rent for $200 - $325 per month, depending on location. In addition to monthly rent there is a monthly co-op advertising assessment of 20% of rent.

What is the required lease term?
While leases are month-to-month, and can be cancelled at anytime with 30 days prior written notice, retailers should sign up for this space with the intent that this is a long term commitment. If a vendor is not doing well or needs to get out of its space, 30 days prior written notice is required and the vendor will vacate the space in the condition in which it was delivered.

What are the Andersonville galleria's hours of operation?
The Andersonville galleria will be open during the following times.
Tuesday - Thursday: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

How do I get paid?
Each galleria exhibitor is assigned a unique bar-code that is affixed to their items. When an item is sold, the cashier scans the bar code and the sale is credited to the exhibitor. Customers can pay in cash, by check or credit card.

After month-end accounting has been completed, each exhibitor is responsible for filing and paying their own sales tax. RayMark Venture will then distribute a month-end report to each exhibitor showing all sales transacted that month. RayMark Venture will then reimburse each exhibitor for 100% of the sales and sales-tax attributable to each exhibitor, less credit card transaction fees.

What is the condition of the building?
The galleria building has undergone a complete renovation and features exposed and sandblasted brick walls, wood beam ceilings, new heating and air conditioning systems, new restrooms and a new storefront.

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What is the demographic profile of Andersonville?
  • Based on the 2005 estimated census data, within a one mile radius of Andersonville, there are 85,637 people (51% male, 49% female) who live in 36,648 households, of which 64% are valued at $200,000 or more.
  • The annual average household income is $50,000 and 21% of the households have incomes at or above $75,000.
  • The age breakdown in the area is as follows: 11% are 0-9 years old; 10% are 10-19; 17% are 20-29; 28% ore 30-44; 18% are 45-59 and 16% are 60 years old or older.
  • The estimated daily traffic count on Clark St. in Andersonville is 27,000.
  • In addition to an active Chamber of Commerce, Andersonville is supported by three aldermen, The Honorable Patrick O'Connor, The Honorable Mary Ann Smith and The Honorable Helen Schiller, each of whom play an active role in the neighborhood.
  • Neighborhood groups have formed to lend their support to the ongoing growth and vitality of this neighborhood which include the West Andersonville Neighbors Together (WANT), East Andersonville Residents Council (EARC), and the Andersonville South Neighbors Association (ASNA).

Who should I contact for more information?
RayMark Venture, LLC
222 Merchandise Mart
P.O. Box 3025
Chicago, IL 60654

Mark Falanga
(312) 952-6334

Ray Pesavento
(847) 922-4399

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